Strategic Planning Coaching for Rural Libraries

Strategic Planning Coaching for Rural Libraries

Coaching provides an affordable and convenient alternative to more extensive planning processes.

Throughout your library’s strategic planning process, we can help your library develop the capacity to:

  • Use data to determine your library’s strengths and weaknesses

  • Develop a community survey designed to provide actionable data

  • Learn how to effectively involve your community, your board, and your staff

  • Develop goals based on what your community tells you

The size and budget of a library should not be a barrier to planning its future.

Rural libraries are uniquely positioned to bring positive change to their communities through the traditional library values of access to information, freely circulating resources, and community engagement. However, given the challenges faced by many rural libraries, it is vital that these organizations operate in a strategically oriented and efficient manner. Despite the value libraries provide, resources supporting them are increasingly limited.

We know that every library and every community are different, but the importance of strategic planning is universal: it can help any public library increase its relevance to the community it serves.