We help libraries listen to their communities and plan for the future. 

We’re proud to have led a number of successful strategic planning projects for public libraries with the belief that when their operations are aligned with community needs, libraries can be transformational institutions.

To remain a cornerstone of community information, recreation, and learning, today’s library must strategically position itself to adapt to changes in its service area, technology, and the library industry. A successful strategic plan must reflect the thoughts of all of its key stakeholders—patrons, taxpayers, and community partners—in addition to the larger trends at play in society.

To do that, we recommend that public libraries solicit feedback and evaluate their community's needs.

Why should we collect community feedback?

A community needs assessment will provide a framework for the library to define its vision and strategic organizational goals most effectively according to the needs of its community, help position it to react to changing trends in the future, and produce actionable goals to guide decision-making.

Interested in learning more about how a community needs assessment can benefit your library?  Contact us!

What is a community needs assessment?

A community needs assessment includes several components:

  • Development of a community profile through analysis of demographic and usage data
  • Analysis of community feedback regarding use (or non-use) of the library
  • Review of library usage data
  • Comparison of the library's operations with current public library trends

Together, these components paint a picture of how patrons currently use the library and what the community desires from future library service and engage the library in a participatory process to guide its vision for the future.