Where do we go from here?

Whether your organization is asking that question after a great success—such as a successful grant application or boost in community support—or a setback in funding or operations, the answer is often to start by looking back.

Strategic Planning

Our unique approach to strategic planning is highly community-based and cost-effective.  Our backgrounds in statistical methods, public policy and administration, and information science give us the expertise to guide nonprofit organizations through successful strategic planning.

Needs Assessments & Program Evaluation

Needs assessments and program evaluation should be a core element of any organization’s operational practice, not a subject of avoidance or dreaded once-a-year effort.  Why?

Not only does it help your organization identify its programming strengths and weaknesses, but it improves the efficacy of many other areas, including grant writing, resource allocation, and public relations and marketing.


To provide nonprofit organizations with broad-based plans that identify key communications needs and best practices for addressing them, we incorporate the following components in our communications projects:

  • Review strategic plan to develop communications goals: The strategic plan and feedback from the board of directors should yield insights to key audiences and the messages they need to hear.
  • Conduct communications audit: Evaluate effectiveness of existing and previously published print and electronic communications and marketing materials.
  • Develop strategies: Review past successes and shortcomings, analyze current communications trends and best practices for key audiences, and refine existing or develop new communications tools as needed.